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How do you build a successful and sustainable business and grow it during turbulent economic times?  Just ask Rick Byanski and Mike Burgess, former Tokheim managers with more than four decades of OEM experience between them.  The two of them formed Petroleum Parts Inc. (PPI) in 2002.

PPI literally grew out of a one car garage.  With a goal of providing superlative customer service (shipping 90% of parts on the same day they were ordered), high quality (performance equal to or better than OEM parts and components) and low cost (keeping prices below comparable OEM parts), the company quickly acquired the reputation as the go-to supplier of petroleum parts.

In 2005, the company expanded by acquiring a local sign shop, then known as DENNISign. DENNISign provided the premium quality polycarbonate overlays for PPI’s dispensers with a full range of colors for most, if not all, major oil companies, and allowed PPI to enter the dispenser graphics market.  By 2011, the operations had grown so large that investment was made in a third building near the current PPI facilities, with 12,000 square feet now dedicated solely to production of industrial and commercial graphics. In tandem, large format digital on-demand printing and finishing equipment were added to provide more production capacity as well as production capability, allowing for a wider variety of graphics and decals.  At this point in time, DENNISign was re-branded as Graphics Output, which is how we are known today.

Graphics Output is an exponentially growing company that continues to look to the future. We are constantly evaluating and improving our processes, and adding more capabilities, more services, and providing more of the quality products that help you stay competitive.  

We hope you find our website to be helpful for you and your business needs, and look forward to bringing your creativity to life!


The Graphics Output Timeline

2002 September 

Parent company – Petroleum Parts Inc. - formed; Fort Wayne, Indiana facility consists of 800 square feet.

2003 March 

Expanding business necessitates PPI move into 6,000-square-foot leased facility.

2005 January 

PPI purchases and moves into a 15,000-square-foot building.     

2005 December 

PPI acquires a graphics company, then known as DENNISign.

2011 March 

DENNISign rebrands as Graphics Output and moves to a newly purchased 12,000-square foot building. Necessary investment in sophisticated on-demand printing and finishing equipment is made.